Why Choose Us?


Unlike our competitors, Greenlit offers unprecedented, FREE DELIVERY our customers in South Florida, saving you thousands of dollars considering how heavy this product is. And, we have been doing this for 10 years!!

Curbside delivery can be arranged in advance. This option is available to commercial addresses, which entails that the customer is responsible for getting the shipment into their building or receiving area. Please be aware that if your delivery is to a residential address or if the truck driver takes the shipment into the building for you, there must be arrangements made in advance for the delivery to be received and signed by an authorized person.  In these cases, Greenlit Global will charge the customer for these shipping charges.

When ordering, please note if your shipment is to a residential address or if you require an inside delivery. Also, you must be present to sign for your truck shipment so please plan accordingly.

It is possible to pick up products directly from our location in Miami, FL. All pickups must be arranged at least one week in advance of pickup date. There is no fee for pick-ups.