Why Choose Us?

Unlike our competitors, Greenlit offers unprecedented, FREE DELIVERY our customers in South Florida, saving you thousands of dollars considering how heavy this product is. And, we have been doing this for 10 years!! Curbside delivery can be arranged in advance. This option is available to commercial addresses, which entails that the customer is responsible for…

Where Can You Install?

Multi-Level Parking Garages, Condominium driveways and garages, Gated communities, School Zones, Universities, Government Buildings, Retirement Communities, Parks & Recreation sites, Playground Lots, Resorts, Fast Food Drive-thrus, Child Care Centers, Hospitals, Residential Driveways, and more!

About Us

Our Company, Greenlit Global, LLC specializes in quality rubber traffic calming products, including speed bumps, speed humps, and parking stops. Founded in 2006, as an environmentally conscious, family business, Greenlit aims to serve the needs of South Florida, by providing the best traffic safety equipment that is essential to improve the safety of our roadways….

Parking Stops

THESE DON’T CRUMBLE AND DON’T DAMAGE! Parking stops are devices specifically designed for parking lots. These are used to mark parking spaces and keep vehicles from rolling. Durable and reflective, these rubber parking stops can be a permanent or temporary fixture. This option is an ideal alternative to concrete, plastic, or lesser grade rubber stops.

Speed Humps

RUBBER SPEED HUMPS – PERFECT FOR GATED COMMUNITIES, DRIVEWAYS, PRIVATE ROADS. Speed humps are wider and more heavyset than bumps. These create gradual deceleration, and are generally placed in areas where low speeds are already encouraged. Similar to speed tables and cushions, humps are powerful and effective traffic calming measures. Humps are often placed outside…

Speed Bumps

RUBBER SPEED BUMPS – You’ve seen them everywhere! Speed bumps are made of premium rubber, in highly visible black and yellow alternating pattern. Reflective cat-eyes reflect oncoming headlights at night. Bumps are narrower, so they are most effective when placed in short intervals, so that vehicles are not prone to speed up in between.¬†Speed bumps…